Kung Fu Robot Kicks It Up Another Notch


Following on the heels of this summer’s volume three/part one release, Kung Fu Robot returns with another thrilling addition that includes more ninjas, more kablams, more hieeyahs and an even angrier angry chicken super villain. Volume three (part two) is available starting today as a $0.99 in-app purchase. In addition, readers can now purchase all the previously released volume updates as well as pre-order the final volume four updates (parts one and two) for a one-time purchase of $4.99. To date, Kung Fu Robot has been downloaded over 220,000 times, a notable feat for an iOS/iPad only kids comic book app.
The remaining two installments in this current series – “How to Make a Peanut Butter, Jelly & Kung Fu Sandwich” – are currently scheduled to be completed in October and December of 2014 and will conclude a busy year for not only the nine-foot tall red robot and his trusty companion Marvin but his creators as well. The Kansas City children’s entertainment startup Kid Rocket Studios has been actively negotiating new licensing and distribution opportunities, an effort that started this past June with Made In Me, a UK-based creative studio responsible for the iOS and Android apps Me Books and Me Comics.
“We’re extraordinarily proud of the success of Kung Fu Robot and thrilled that hundreds of thousands of kids worldwide have gotten such a big kick from it,” says studio president John Kreicbergs. “At the same time, we’re busy exploring what’s next for not only that specific property, but the studio as a whole. The world of kids entertainment is wide open and we realize our mantra of ‘launching imaginations’ means more than just producing games and comics.”
“As we approach the conclusion of this first Kung Fu Robot storyline, we’re going to wrap it up with a bang,” says Jason Bays, Kung Fu Robot creator and studio co-founder. “In terms of what’s next, it’s likely to be a combination of building on our current work and selecting something completely different and new. We’re also in the process of some exciting plans for reaching out to kids in the community as well as the wealth of local artists, developers and storytellers.”
For more info about Kung Fu Robot, visit KungFuRobot.com.