HIEEEYAH! Kung Fu Robot Arrives on Me Comics


Kung Fu Robot to be featured as first indie title within ME COMICS app.

Following the recent formation of Kid Rocket Studios, the Kansas City-based children’s entertainment startup has signed its first property distribution agreement with London-based digital creative agency Made in Me. The deal will bring Kid Rocket Studios’ flagship property Kung Fu Robot to Made in Me’s kids comic book distribution app ME COMICS and will be the app’s first indie comic title offering. It marks another first for Kid Rocket Studios, representing the first time the Kung Fu Robot property will be available outside of its own app.

Kung Fu Robot #1 is available via ME COMICS starting today.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, ME COMICS is a comic book distribution app where individual issues or an entire series can be purchased and downloaded to a mobile device. It also includes the ability to “draw and record,” a feature where adults or kids can define an onscreen area for interaction and then record their own words or sounds for it.

“We were already familiar with Made in Me’s ME BOOKS app and were really impressed by the quality of that experience,” says John Kreicbergs, Kid Rocket Studios president. “When they took that knowledge and applied it toward ME COMICS while at the same time attracting premium partners and titles right from the start, we knew we had to reach out and learn more.”

“After connecting with them on Twitter, we quickly arranged a call with their team,” says Jason Bays, Kung Fu Robot creator and Kid Rocket Studios executive creative director. “There was an instant understanding between us. A common vision. Shared motivations. We found a lot of common ground.”

Made in Me chief executive James Huggins also believes that for ME COMICS to continue to grow its position and enhance its credibility, finding a way to offer a mix of established titles and independent properties within its marketplace will be important.

“What we’re doing is very much like the digital equivalent of the independent book or comic shop,” says Huggins. “We want to be a source that parents trust and where kids know that they can get good stuff. We need a mix of titles to make it work to its fullest potential.”

Kung Fu Robot #1, available now for purchase in the ME COMICS app, will introduce readers to the current “How to Make a Peanut Butter, Jelly and Kung Fu Sandwich” storyline but future plans include growing beyond the current story arc.

For more information and to download the ME COMICS app, visit mebooks.co/get-the-apps.