About Kid Rocket Studios

“Anyone who sits on top of the largest hydrogen-oxygen fueled system in the world, knowing they’re going to light the bottom, and doesn’t get a little worried, does not fully understand the situation.”

- John Young, astronaut and commander of the first space shuttle mission

Jason Bays // Creative Director, co-founder

Jason Bays is a man who cannot remember a time when art wasn’t what he was about. His desire was tutored by a drifter who took the time to show him how to draw in the back booth of his granny’s diner on Main Street in Amsterdam, Missouri. Rocket ships and trains were good enough to get him his first gig drawing dinosaurs for his second grade play. Later he collected degrees in Illustration and Design at the Kansas City Art Institute. A successful 15-year career in advertising led to freelancing as a designer and illustrator and a desire to make reading more accessible for his kids. Kid Rocket Studios is the realization of that desire. 

John Kreicbergs // President, co-founder

John Kreicbergs is a son of the Windy City but a lifelong native of Kansas City. A 15-year veteran of advertising and a former president of the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City, his academic roots run to a deeper well of music performance and criticism. As an aspiring musicologist, John had a particularly strong attraction to Soviet-era composers and an academically fatal affinity for pop culture. Before then, life consisted of programming in BASIC, meddling with early Macs, and exhausting every board and video game he could get his hands on. Funny, but little has really changed since then.

Marcelo "Cello" Vergara // Co-founder

Marcelo Vergara's professional journey reflects a deep-seated passion for technology, a fearless embrace of what's new and next, and an unabashed love for storytelling. From his earliest days as a copywriter in the advertising department at Payless Cashways to his role as COO at BlairLake New Media to the establishment of Propaganda3 as Kansas City's leading digital production and software development company, Cello intuitively understands "how to keep the main thing the main thing." This unique talent has served him well as a speaker (MacWorld, Seybold Seminars), a teacher (University of Oklahoma adjunct professor) and a respected mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups (SparkLab, Digital Sandbox).